The Romans are coming!

9 October, 2010

Actually, they’ve arrived! The Polybian Romans are now complete. I did the flocking for the last seven elements of legionaries last night. They now have a long list of opponents waiting to face them: Carthaginians, Gauls and Spanish (and those are just the ones that are painted).


The army arrayed in its two legions.


More pictures can be seen at the Army Page . The transfers on the shields were a real pain, particularly for the Triarii, who don’t have symmetrical shields. I was really pleased with how the wash worked. It’s a mix of two inks (Magic Color Quasar Black and Earth Brown) in a Klear base. I ended up mixing a lot to get the right hint of brown, but I now have it just right. The ink is more consistent than the washes made with paint, which settled and varied in strength depending on how well I stirred them. Also the inks have a wash-like quality which the Klear accentuates.


From the front the view is pretty much shields and feathers, so here's a shot of some from behind.


I’m not entirely sure what to do next. I have stacks of Hellenistics, but I may do the Old Glory Southern Italians (as Campanians initially, and then expanding to Bruttians, Apulians and Samnites). A smaller project is to do four more elements of Gallic warband, so that I can field them against Carthaginians and Syracusans when they have them as mercenaries. Alternatively I might even get back to rebasing my Dark Age figures and perhaps doing some fantasy armies.


13 Responses to “The Romans are coming!”

  1. Inkub Says:

    They look excellent:) Im SO tempted to build Roman army… well, first I really should finish all current projects. But these are really nice. Mark, are You painting them with your home-made ink in a dip way? By brushing whole miniature?

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. My purchases have way outstripped my speed at painting, so I know what you mean about finishing projects.

      I paint wash on. Recently I’ve based the figures and put the base mix on before doing the wash for the figures and the bases at the same time. It helps make sure the paint is dry–I get pretty impatient at this stage.

  2. Nick Grant Says:

    Nice work Mark. Very nice indeed.


  3. TWR Says:

    The Romans look excellent. I just hope they look better than they fight. Perhaps we will find out at Conquest’s 15mm DBA competition…

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Well, strictly they’re Ieuan’s army now, but I doubt he’ll be coming! He’s started to show an interest in DBA and I reckon they’re a solid first army.

      Someone else may get to use them, though.

      • Stephen Says:

        That’s a good idea. I should get Madeline some armies – she’s already taken a shine to my Indian elephants.

      • Mark Davies Says:

        It’s worth a try! Lead and toddlers, though!

        Ieuan’s actually started painting a few figures; it’s just his timing’s terrible; it’s always when I’ve got to be doing something else!

  4. John Says:

    Looking forward to having a go at these on the table soon! A nice balanced army too.

  5. Stephen Says:

    Sorry to break this to you Mark, but we’re always supposed to be doing something else when we paint figures!

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