Carthaginians again; this time in Gaul

8 October, 2010

I got a game of DBA tonight with my son, Ieuan, who’s not been interested for quite a while now. I’m not sure what provoked the change of heart, perhaps looking at the figures from the game with Joel last night when he should have been sleeping.

He wanted to go Carthaginians, so I went Gauls. I went the defender and placed two woods in opposite corners and a gentle hill in another. I got a favourable edge (the hill and a wood). I deployed with warband on the hill, cavalry in the centre and a pair of warband and the psiloi in the woods.

Ieuan deployed his elephants in the centre, psiloi-supported spear on the right facing my wood with the general behind them in reserve and the LH a recoil depth behind the elephants also in reserve. His left flank had three psiloi and the auxilia.

I got good PIPs and was able to attack his psiloi and auxilia that had come out of the woods too soon with my cavalry and double-moving warband. The turn before Ieuan had only two PIPs to try to react to this emerging threat, and had opted to extend the line of the psiloi and support it with the light horse. Not brilliant, but only made to pay because the warband got the PIPs for a double move.

The first combat was a stick: his psiloi held firm against my cavalry. The next saw my warband recoil another psiloi and the light horse. This left my general facing the auxilia. It was nasty; I doubled them, taking their rear support with them.

On his next move Ieuan rolled a 1. He protested that the dice box was cramping his style and rolled a 5 on the table. I let it stand. HIs elephants went after my cavalry. My general recoiled one of them, the other with overlap provided by the general doubled a lone cavalry.

I must have got the psiloi facing my cavalry (not sure why they didn’t run). I then tried to end the game by flanking a psiloi with my cavalry when it faced warband. It threw them back and the cavalry bumped into an elephant (very sloppy). I was now 2-3 and searching for the last element.

Ieuan used his general to attack my psiloi that had gone after an elephant making it 3-3. His spear had attacked my warband that were still in column; they were at 5-3, but only recoiled the warband. On my turn the warband came through, destroying a spear by taking the rear warband into overlap. However, it was a close game, as we played on to see what Ieuan could have done in another turn. He killed my general and a warband (the rear support psiloi slid across against the victorious warband and a spear flanked it (as it was a 6-1, this proved unnecessary).

The Carthaginians were defeated again, perhaps fresh from their abortive foray into Britain! The Gauls showed that with the right PIPs and a bit of luck they could defeat the Carthaginians.

Ieuan enjoyed the game, which was the main objective, and is now talking about armies he’d like. He reckons the Egyptians have the best gods for morphing into HOTT (and some interesting beast-headed figures by Chariot), but I’ll try to get him looking at Greeks (my lead pile’s big enough as it is!).


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