Progress with the Polybian Romans

3 October, 2010

The next of my Classical armies is well under way now. I had done some test figures at the beginning of the year and was eager to get the rest done as opponents for the Carthaginians. They are nice figures, though the crud on some of them is a real disappointment. I had them all based to paint, but ended up concentrating on the nine mounted figures, a foot command and the skirmishers. I got these finished today and have made good progress with the remaining 28 heavy foot. I expect to have them finished soon.


The army completed to date: Cavalry, Legionaries and skirmishers.


More pictures of the elements completed to date can be seen at the Army Page. The army will consist of two legions, one with red shields and white tunics and one with green shields and red tunics. This can be seen in the skirmishers and cavalry, but I’ve yet to complete an element of the legionaries with the green shields.

These figures are fairly easy to paint as the detail is good. The fact the legionaries are crouching behind their shields makes painting behind the shields awkward, but as the shields are so close nothing behind them can really be seen.

Another problem is attaching the cavalry to their horses. I’d noticed this problem with Chariot wolf riders, but didn’t think it was more general in their range. Superglue does not form a good enough bond as too little surface makes contact. I ended up opting for green stuff underneath each rider to fill the gap. Hopefully it will form a strong bond. If it doesn’t, at least it’ll give me something to glue to!

2 Responses to “Progress with the Polybian Romans”

  1. Jason Says:

    I have found that 5-minute epoxy works great for attaching riders to horses. It is thick enough to fill any gaps between the rider and the horse.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. I’ll try that next time, perhaps for the wolf riders, who have been glued on multiple times now!

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