Komnenans ready to fight

17 August, 2010

I’m rather behind with entries on here at the moment. I still haven’t written up the Goblins’ first outing from a fortnight ago, and they’ve since had another battle. However, over the weekend I finished off the Komnenans. I based them last night and I’ll do the flocking tonight, so they will be ready for a battle later this week. I haven’t yet painted all the foot options, as I don’t see myself as using some of them; in particular I don’t see much utility for a single element of spear, though Auxilia could be useful, as would a second element of psiloi.

At the moment the foot option I want to trial is 1x4Bd (Varangians) and 3x4Bw (Archers). I like the idea of a block of three bow for concentrated supported shooting and the Varangians for support against other foot. Two thirds of the Komnenan army is mounted, which is the reverse proportion to my other armies, something that may take some getting used to.

I’ve got my first elements of Essex feudal figures ready to start. There’s a heap to do, but rather than start a lot and get swamped, I’ve decided to do just two elements of 3Kn to see how they look.

The feudal figures are going to be used for a number of fairly generic early feudal armies: from Normans through to Early Crusaders and Feudal French. To add some character to them I’d like to get some interesting figures for their camps; priests might do for a start.

Speaking of camps, I should really base the witches for my Pre-feudal Scots army; in fact, that army may be the next of my old armies to get rebased, which would provide the perfect excuse to base the witches. They’d add to the character of that army.

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