Ogres and Goblins

8 August, 2010

The New Model Goblins.

The weather has relented enough for me to take some pictures of the Ogres and Goblins I painted last week. You can see all the New Look Goblins here. The figures are all Chariot from Magister Militum, and I’ve got a pile more waiting to be painted; however, these allow me to field two DBA armies that I want to try out on the table, either as armies to buy or as common opponents.

Three lots of Ogres, enough to model any elephant army in DBA.

From the side.

The Ogres are a mix from three packs. Previously I only had the three in a jockstrap; now I’ve mixed them in with some armoured ones. The command element has a goblin flagbearer and a drummer.

The spearmen, with psiloi support hidden behind.

The spearmen are a mix of armoured and unarmoured, with the armoured at the front. I’ve added shields; the front rank have shields from Outpost, while the back rank have my cardboard peltas. The spears are easily long enough to be used as pikes when I paint a few more stands.

With these figures, along with the ones I’d painted earlier and rebased last weekend, I have all the options for two armies: they can be Shamanid Goblins (Samanids, III/43c).

Shamanid Goblins: 3Ax on the left and the spider as 2LH!

Or they can be Gobnovids (Ghaznavids, III/63b).

Gobnovids with all the behemoths possible and an element of 3Bd (on left).

The Gobnovids had their first outing last Friday, which I’ll try to write up soon.

10 Responses to “Ogres and Goblins”

  1. Robin Sutton Says:

    Looking very nice Mark.. are these 15mm??

    Kind regards

  2. Very very nice – I have a few ducks from the same range but so far not done anything with them.

    Where you tempted to go brown for Orcs at all?


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. I think the Chariot range of fantasy figures is great, and it’s probably the most comprehensive.

      As for brown, not really, I thought the GW Goblin Green, which I had picked up a lot of second-hand, would look suitably colourful. I’m not sure finding the right brown would be so easy. I remember in the 80s painting Hobgoblins and they ended up looking vile, but not really in a good way!

      • Stephen Says:

        Tolkein might have been trying to evoke the mongols when he gave his Orcs sallow complexions. And I think the Uruk Hai had a very dark skin tone. Green is more conventional these days. I for one wouldn’t mind if you fielded these at IWC – no need to paint any more figures!

      • Mark Davies Says:

        Yes, green may be a choice to make them more fantastic and to side-step any possible racist connotations. Phil Barker in the HOTT army list for Goblins draws some interesting analogies between Mongols (and Yorkshiremen) and Goblins!

        I’d like to take the Shamanid Goblins to IWC, but I suspect they would not meet proper standards, though I’m assured they’re welcome at TagCon if I ever get there!

  3. Craig C Says:

    They look good Mark

    Ghaznids are an army of been looking at in the past couple of weeks- without Ogre support though

    I’ve a pile of Ral Parth’s Battlesystem Orcs, Goblins and Hobgoblins I occasionally get tempted to convert to HoTT. Locally though we’ve a few Warmaster (10mm) armies that get used for HoTT so the 15mm ones are not high on my painting agenda to finish.

    I look forward to reading about the Gobnovids first outing.


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, Craig, Ghaznavids can be seen as distant successors to the Sassanids, Sassanids on steroids; they don’t have knights but they have heaps of elephants and better foot. I prefer the Samanids, who are more direct successors and have even better foot.

      May get that report done tonight, but have been busy on the Komnenans; I also spent time categorizing my lead mountain, trying to see which was the biggest pile of unpainted stuff; it’s the Goblins! I’ve got heaps more waiting to be painted!

      The Ral Partha figures are nice; I’ve only got their hippogriff riders, but they’re a good range. My long-term plan is to paint up armies for the Hesperia campaign, but that doesn’t seem any day soon!

  4. neldoreth Says:

    Nice, inspiring stuff here!


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, I’ll try to do the chariots before too long. And the triceratops riders. I’m still wondering what would be more plausible 2LH than spiders, thought they work at a pinch.

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