Painting Progress: one down, two to go

7 August, 2010

Last weekend I got back to painting after three months off. I started by rebasing on MDF the painted figures for three armies: early feudal, Komnenan Byzantine and Goblins. The Goblins were being based to allow me to field them as pseudo-Samanids and Ghaznavids. All I needed to paint to allow this was seven ogres to make behemoth/elephant elements and nine spearmen for some spear elements.

I got the rebasing done by the end of the weekend, though I’m yet to finish them with flock. I also prepped all the figures for the three armies: the 17 Goblins and 18 mounted 50 foot for the feudals (the Komnenans were already started). Over the week I finished the Goblins and had them all based and flocked in time for a game yesterday (Friday). I’ve yet to take any pictures of them; the weather’s pretty wet at the moment, but I’ll try to soon.

Today I started on the Komnenans. I’d run out of steam with these last year, and I decided that the best way to get them done was to tackle the hardest part first—the shields for the Kavallarioi. I’ve now completed them, and I’m pleased with how they look; the practice with Gallic shields at the start of the year was very handy for dealing with the irregular-sized shields of the Outpost figures. The army’s now a good way along, and I should be able to get it finished in the next few days, though I’m not sure how I’ll do the flag for the army. I’ll probably go with a double-headed eagle, which legend has was adopted by the Komnenoi as their symbol. It may not be totally accurate, but it’s a nice story.

A possible flag for the Komnenans.

For more on the double-headed eagle see here.


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