Yet more thoughts on a medieval army

13 June, 2010

Using the leisure of a holiday to think about a medieval army for the IWC DBA competition next year I keep changing my mind. However, the latest thought has some promise in that I’m now thinking I should use an army from the figures I already have, painted or not, rather than get yet another army to paint. With this in mind I had another look at the various feudal armies of the period around AD 1050, and am now tending to go for the Early Crusader army (IV/7). It’s not as flexible as the Eastern or Western Frankish armies, or the Anglo-Normans, but it has a lot of character, with the likes of Bohemond as leaders.

It has a solid base of five 4Sp, which can be supported by up to three 2Ps. It has a 3Kn general and up to three more 3Kn, but these can be exchanged for dismounted 4Bd knights. These are not 3Kn//4Bd, so it’s a decision for before each battle. The 2Ps can be exchanged for a 3Bw, a 3Cb and a 5Wb. The 5Wb seems a must, as it’s what makes this army different from any other feudal one, as these are crazed pilgrims; but the 2Ps seem more useful to provide rear support for the 4Sp (and the 4Bd, if taken).

This is an insanely aggressive army (Agg. 4!), so I’m likely to have the advantage of choice of table edge and deploying second. The knights are good for keeping blades scared, and the option to use them dismounted as blades would give me something to face elephants. Overall, it seems to be a reasonable army, and one that doesn’t involve buying more figures (unless I look for some better pilgrims).

I’ve already got a stack of armies waiting to be painted, so the thought of buying more just yet doesn’t excite me. I’d like to get back to my feudals, as they’re yet to be finished, and this would be a good excuse to do that.

8 Responses to “Yet more thoughts on a medieval army”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Yes the Crusaders look like they have potential. The IWC rule on dismounting reduces the difference between ‘3Kn//4Bd’ and ‘3Kn or 4Bd’. I rather extravagantly bought a 20 pack of Khurasan peasants, to cover the possibility of selecting the 2x7Hd option in a Middle Anglos Saxon army, so let me know if you’d like the excess.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, I’m not sure what distinguishes a pilgrim from an angry peasant, but some of those might be just the thing.

  2. TWR Says:

    Your description of the Early Crusader list is excellent and documents some of the list potential I think is there as well. As you know it is a list I have been thinking about as well. But not for the Worlds so you are safe there.

    Generally I don’t like the look of hordes and consider them an easy target. However, at Tagcon in 2008 I was surprised at their ability to “stand their ground”. Certainly for the Crusaders they are a must!

    Some would say real men would look at a Crusader list based led by Peter the Hermit!

    • Mark Davies Says:

      The pilgrims aren’t really hordes, but 5Wb. I’m not brave enough to take an army with hordes to a competition, though I’ve not really had much experience with them to see how bad (or good) they really are.

  3. Craig C Says:

    At TAGCON 08 (IIRC) my Syrian horde really surprised me with how effective they could be at not dying!

    IV/7 does sound very colourful, I’m all for taking something that inspires you, rather than something that is probably (potentially?) more effective-

    I’ve been meaning to replace my Essex Syrians with Heroic Legio ones that have been sitting round for a while- yet another project (and I’m trying to get out of 15mm gaming!).

    The pilgrims offer some great basing potential so would like to see them done

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Interesting. The Syrians are an army I want to get. I got some Outpost figures for them, but haven’t warmed to them. I’d be looking at LH or Khurasan for them. But I will try to work off the backlog first!

  4. The Early Crusaders are a fun army to play with/paint. I have an EC army for sale on my blog if your painting time is limited.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, that’s tempting, but I really want to work through my backlog a little. I’ve got all the figures.

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