Beli’s Band, a SBH Warband

6 May, 2010

I’ve made a SBH warband out of the three elements of dwarves that I’d got done for HOTT. I’d like to get a HOTT dwarf army done, but I reckon I won’t have much time for painting in the next while as I get ready for a trip to Europe. I’ve spent a bit of time naming and describing the figures in this warband, and I’ve even made cards for them, a novelty that might wear off:

The figures are all 15mm Chariot apart from the dogs which are Peter Pig (Gifr) and Irregular (Gramr). The cards were prepared using CCG Maker, which is fairly flaky to be honest. The novelty of it may wear off. I should get to try this warband out tomorrow with John and Keith.


4 Responses to “Beli’s Band, a SBH Warband”

  1. Wes Says:

    I like this very much. Great job.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, they had a couple of good battles last night. And the beauty of SBH is that I can cannibalize half-finished armies for warbands. I’m considering a Byzantine one to try out mounted figures.

  2. Luckyjoe Says:

    Hi. Nice battle reports and pics. How did you come up with the stats on the Wardogs? Are they something you made yourself or are they from one of the official rosters? My son wanted to put some dogs in his band but I couldn’t find any stats, then I remembered your battle report. Thanks,


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Hi Joe

      I searched the archives of the Yahoo Group, and it’s mostly based on Andrea’s suggestion there. There’s also one in SAM.

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