Another HOTT Friday (Goblins v. Lancastrians)

25 April, 2010

Last night I got over to John’s for some more HOTT action. John had created two HOTT armies from his Lancastrians:

3xKn (1=cmd), 2xRd, 3xBd, 4xSh.

4xKn (1=cmd), 1xRd, 3xBd, 4xSh.

Lancastrians arrayed to attack Goblins.

Keith was going to lead one of these, but he didn’t make it, so John commanded both of them in a Big Battle HOTT encounter against my Goblins.  Goblins against Lancastrians! Lucky that Shakespeare chap never heard of it; think what he’d do with that! His defamation of the fair name of Richard III would be nothing compared to claiming he had Goblin allies! The good guys were:

3xRd (wolf riders, 1=cmd),  2xBs (wolves),  1xDr, 1xFl (bats),  8xHd.

2xWb (1=cmd), 2xBh, 1xMg, 3xSh, 2xLu (spiders).

The Goblin armies preparing to defend themselves against unjustified Lancastrian aggression (although that camp looks suspiciously like the'd actually captured it some time earlier, but let's not got there!). Wolves and bats are to the left of the wolf riders.

We deployed on a 4×3 table that John had already prepared. I realized after the game that I’d not really done myself any favours by deploying the mobile command on the roughest wing, and lumbering it with the hordes. I would have been better to swap them for the behemoths. Anyway, things got off to a good start as Old Greenie continued to show the same ferocity as last week, arriving on the second turn. As the table was a little deeper than normal, the foot took a while to get in range, particularly as we both had some shabby PIP dice.

On the left flank I lost a rider, but soon had the Lancastrian counterparts in trouble with a combination of wolves and bats. Old Greenie flew to the rear and waited cautiously for something to appear that was not too close to BGo or nasty shooters. On the right flank, my spiders had some lucky success against a shooter in the wood. In the centre, the commander flanked by the behemoths went for the hill and waited for some support to reach him—not his brighest command decision. In short order the Ogres were shot up and he was in retreat.

Part way through: Old Greenie waits in the rear; to the left the wolves have chased some riders into the water (they really never got away from there—what with feasting on the remains and all the other things that dogs do). On the right wing shooters rashly line up to face alternating blades and shooters, with only a wizard for support.

Not long later, I demoralized the Lancastrian right wing on the same turn that he did the same to mine. My wizard was a stand-out. On his first attempt at magic he rolled a 1; confident that lightning never strikes the same place twice, he tried again, and on his second attempt got another 1. The warband general had his rear support removed by a rider and discovered that facing knights is not too bright. Apart from the spiders, this command had been totally ineffectual. On the other wing, Old Greenie had been nibbling at stray Lancastrians, with the bats preventing recoils. The Lancastrians had managed to charge the hordes with their knights, only to see one of them get routed by the goblins, much to my surprise.

The situation when each of our right wings are demoralized: note the piece of felt marking where the wizard had been, and the frogs on top of it. Old Greenie with the bats in support has just chomped something.

At this point I discovered some differences between BBDBA and BBHOTT. Demoralized elements are at -1, not -2 and they can actually advance if you have the PIPs. For a while the Lancastrian right flank stuck around, while the pair of shooters on the Goblins’ right flank went for the woods, where they should have been all along! My last spider got to reappear on one turn when some shooters recoiled into the woods, but they were quickly destroyed.

The victorious Lancastrian left flank started to advance on my camp, while the Goblin left flank mopped up the remaining knights of the defeated flank. Old Greenie was rudely interrupted in his snack on some of the Lancastrian horse, when a fleeing element of shooters got brave and turned and shot him in the rear. He promptly decided how much he disliked missile weapons and feeling he’d done his share took off home.

At this point things were pretty even. The Lancastrian knights had the combat edge over everything in the Goblin army; however, the Goblins had the superior mobility. I wasn’t hurt at this point by continued PIP rolls of 5 for each of the commands. The game finally came to an end when my demoralized shooters gave some payback for scaring Old Greenie; they moved themselves to the edge of the woods and shot at the Lancastrian commander, who alarmed by this, presuming the right flank put to flight, recoiled into a swarm of bats.

The final scene: the Lancastrian general, shadowed by a swarm of bats, is about to be shot at by the (not sufficiently!) demoralized Goblins.

It was a great game and a whole lot of fun. It was also very close, with air power, I think, giving me the edge (and helping me recover from some bad deployment). There were a number of fun incidents, two that I was victim to were the wizard’s ineptitude (I finally got to use my frogs) and the parting shot on the dragon.

I’m really starting to enjoy HOTT; the Goblins are starting to have some success, and it’s so much more satisfying when they’re fighting an army that’s not just a hodge-podge collection of miscellaneous elements, which has tended to be the case with their opponents to date. I’m also starting to appreciate how different some of the HOTT mechanics are to DBA.

All this has made me keen to get another HOTT army finished, probably the dwarves with their halfling and boar allies. I hope it can be my next project after finishing the Carthaginian elephants. John’s also working on some Aztecs for HOTT, which very properly have a good number of hordes.

4 Responses to “Another HOTT Friday (Goblins v. Lancastrians)”

  1. Robin Sutton Says:


    Great to see the HotT getting a run.. love the Goblins,. but .. 15mm I suspect? we all play HotT with 20mm figures/60mm bases here in ChCh.

    Kind regards

    • Mark Davies Says:

      I know. And there’s a group that use 28mm on 8omm bases; still we’ll no doubt use either, depending on who’s there.

  2. Craig C Says:

    Looks like a lot of fun Mark. Down here we mainly use 10mm figs on standard DBA bases or I have converted a number of 28mm LoTR armies to HoTT with 80mm wide bases (which my son prefers) and so sounds similar to what you guys have been doing up there.

    I haven’t made it to one of the CHCH comps yet as I’m not a fan of 20mm but they do look like fun!


    • Mark Davies Says:

      I don’t have strong opinions any way about scale. I chose 15mm for cost and convenience, and because I think they look good. I figure for other scales I can always borrow an army for rules like DBA/HOTT, as they’re so small. I did see a nice looking Elf army in 10mm for sale at NatCon, but couldn’t see ever having opponents for it.

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