Camps completed (modular and ancient Spanish)

25 April, 2010

I’ve finished off the figures I started back in February today, when I flocked the two Spanish cavalry elements, the four camp follower elements (mules) and the Spanish camp scene. I’ve also made a start on the two Carthaginian elephants; they’re all assembled and undercoated. I just need to paint them and the crew; I was up until 2 last night doing the elephants, so I reckon the crew will be no trouble.

The Spanish army to date.

I really like the Spanish camp scene. I can see it being popular with the Carthaginians as well; Hannibal had a Spanish wife, after all: perhaps that’s her and his brother-in-law. The figures are from the CB Spanish Infantry command pack and a Chariot druidess. The altar is an Atlantic one that’s been cut down.

The Spanish cavalry and their new camp.

Then there’s the Spanish cavalry; I’m less excited about how these turned out, but at least they’re done. I’m not sure when the rest of the Spanish will get done, as I’m quite keen to do some Hellenistics and even some HOTT figures.

The Spanish camp scene from another angle.

Finally, there are the camp followers. I think these will be useful in turning the two tents into two generic modular ancient camps, each of one tent and two camp follower elements. The camp followers offer the flexibility of being able to be substituted out by any garrison element that might be used.

Modular ancient camps.

Modular camps, one with a garrison.


6 Responses to “Camps completed (modular and ancient Spanish)”

  1. TWR Says:

    I am impressed with the modular camp concept. A great way of ensuring a garrison blends in with the camp.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, if I was really fussy I’d try to get some camp followers on a 25×40 base for when a 15×40 element is the garrison, but I figure you just make them flush with the front edge and it won’t be noticeable.

  2. Steve Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Great camps – what manufacturer supplied the civilians? They really add character to the scene.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks; those are Chariot Camp followers (BAR026). They’re certainly bedraggled looking types! The priestess is also Chariot (BAR031).

  3. Stephen Says:

    Nice painting on those figures Mark. The wash looks really effective on those camp followers.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, it’s getting darker as I get to the end of the pot; the crew of the elephants are really dark! It’s not easy getting the strength right (especially when I’m doing the washes very early in the morning!).

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