A HOTT Friday (Goblins v. Elves)

15 April, 2010

Last Friday I caught up with a friend for a spot of HOTT. There’s a group of guys playing HOTT with GW figures on 80mm wide bases. I took my figures anyway for a bit of show-and-tell. As it turned out there were only three of us and my figures were the most finished (the other two had 28mm armies still being painted, so we got out my Goblins and had a 36 point HOTT game with them. I was the Goblin chief with: 2xWb (1=cmd), 8xHd, 2xBh (Trolls and Ogres), 1xDr (the new Green one), 1xFl (Bats), 2xRd (wolf riders), 2xLu (Spiders), 1xSh, 1xBs (Wolves). Facing them were a coalition of all that is good and decent led by Keith and John. They had: 1xAHr (=cmd) (Hippogriff rider), 2xBh (Walking Tree and Giant), 2xHd (Human peasants), 1xSp (Wood Elves), 2xSh (Rangers and Wood Elves), 2xRd (Centaurs), 1xSh (Dwarves), 2xBd (Dwarves), 2xBs (Bears).

I was the attacker and faced the enemy across an open plain flanked by craggy hills and towering trees (28mm scale!); unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures. On their left flank they had the peasants next to the Elven spear and the walking tree with the rangers and Elven archers in the woods guarding the flank. The General was in reserve. On the other flank they had the bears guarding the flank on the hill and the dwarves and giant in a line in the open. To face this I arrayed the general facing the Elves, flanked by his hordes and with the archers and wolves on the far flank. On the other flank I had the Troll and Ogres flanked by wolf riders. The bats were in reserve.

I got off to a great start, rolling a 6 and having the dragon arrive straight away (actually I think the spiders must have arrived on the first turn against the bears, but were chased off). Old Greeny pinned the bears while my mounted went against the Dwarves and destroyed the Giant ally. I had very much the better of the PIPs, but the battle was in the balance when the Aerial Hero started to turn the flank of my mounted. At this point my hordes had already started to get into action, without being impressive (no surprises there!). I had the option of pouring my PIPs into the combat with the hordes, with little chance of anything decisive, or gambling on the dragon attacking the aerial hero with the bats flanking it to prevent recoil. This brought the game down to, in effect, a coin toss, as the odds were 6-6. However, if I won the enemy broke; if I lost the dragon fled and I could carry on, though very exposed to their general. As it turned out, that dragon was a mean old bugger, and he minced the aerial hero and gave me the game. He’s showing real promise (unlike the red dragon that notoriously refused to show up in his early games). He’s given the Goblins their first victory ever!

HOTT Fridays may become a regular event for me, though I’m reluctant to commit to a 28mm army. Keith was very interested in the 15mm fantasy I had, though I doubt I’ll convince them all to go 15mm.


4 Responses to “A HOTT Friday (Goblins v. Elves)”

  1. Robin Sutton Says:


    Thought about coming down for ‘A HotT Winter’s day’ in July? Our HotT tournament, 4 July (there’ll be another in November or December.. at Carnage as well.

    The armies are 20mm using the 60mm wide bases, but there are plenty of loan armies available.. hell, I’ve got 5, with a 6th in the making..LOL


    • Mark Davies Says:

      That’s very tempting, but I may be somewhat further afield at that time; I’m hoping to get to Europe, but if I don’t it could be a nice consolation prize!

  2. Craig C Says:

    I’d go with 28mm Mark- plenty of cheap LoTR plastics available for it and 8cm bases just look so much better. Also it sounds like you’ve got some gamers to game against in that scale.

    Down here we play HoTT in 10mm (Warmaster figs) or using GWs 28mm WoTR ranges- which you can pick up cheap on Trademe.

    I haven’t found a 15mm range I’ve been happy with (at least not since Ral Partha went belly up- their AD&D range was great)


    • Mark Davies Says:

      You could be right, but I’ll wait before buying any more figures (I’ve got a fair backlog). You can still pick up some Ral Partha from Jim at Fox Miniatures (I got some Hippogriff riders from there). I quite like the Chariot 15mm figures, and it’s a fairly comprehensive range, though too many of the dwarves seem out of Snow White rather than Tolkien! I may look at getting some 10mm dwarves; it’s not a big problem if they’re small, only if they’re bigger than the humans!

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