The Carthaginians finally have a leader

15 April, 2010

After a long delay I’ve finally finished the 3Cv elements of the Carthaginians. Besides NatCon and school holidays, I’ve been experimenting with basing. I also started too many figures and ended up a little scattered as to which ones I was trying to finish. However, I think the biggest delay was that initially the shields didn’t look right, which led to me being less interested in painting. I was planning to do white shields with a red wreath. These needed something to finish them, so I added two small green stars on either side of the wreath. Unfortunately, the green was too light to be visible. Eventually I decided to repaint the shields although I stuck with the basic pattern. I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Hannibal and his cavalry in front of their camp in the Arno marshes.

I also got some of my camp followers finished. I’ve done the two tent elements. When I finish the four mules I’ll base them each on a 40×20 base with a camp follower. Two of these double-ranked with a tent will be a generic ancient camp, but I can substitute one for a garrison if I want.

I’m still finishing the Spanish cavalry. They’re mostly done, as are the figures for the Spanish camp tableau, but I reckon they may not get priority until the Carthaginian spear are done, as that will allow me to field the Carthaginian army, which I’m planning to take to Conquest, although I’ll still have to do the two elephants.

Last night I was up until 2am working on redoing the bases of the ancient figures (some 20 bases). They’re now just waiting for flock, and I’m happy that I’ve now got enough experience with the new process to feel that it is actually a lot less fiddly than the old method.


2 Responses to “The Carthaginians finally have a leader”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Very nice Mark. I watched a TV programme once where they said that Roman parents would threaten their children that Hannibal would come and get them if they were naughty.
    That Baueda Greek tent looks versatile. Who are the pot wielding camp followers?

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Yes, ‘Hannibal ad portas’ was a popular threat from nurses to naughty children.

      The camp followers are Chariot ones, so will go closely with the Polybians when I finally get on to doing them. Versatile camps are important, as I’m reluctant to do too many.

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