Gauls reflocked

22 March, 2010

The Gauls arrayed, cavalry in the centre, a warband in the woods and another along with some skirmishers on a hill.

Having finally sorted out a style for my new flocking efforts, I was spurred to get the Gauls done by the prospect of their meeting Caesar tomorrow. Let’s hope the flock gives them the edge!

The same army from the left.

I’ve still got as many elements again of ancients to redo (the Britons and the trial elements of Spaniards, Numidians, Italians and Romans). After that I can get onto painting new armies. I’m tossing up whether to go for a different base for the Mediterranean armies, something lighter and drier, but I’m still undecided.

And again from the right.

It’s still taking a bit of a readjustment to leaving some of the base showing; perhaps over time I’ll let more of it show. At the moment rebasing is a bit of a hassle, as I have to scrape the old flock off and paint over each figure’s base, but I reckon from scratch it’ll be very straight forward. Certainly, the extra touches, the rocks and reeds are very easy.

8 Responses to “Gauls reflocked”

  1. Neldoreth Says:

    You effort is inspiring. The bases you have are quite pleasing to the eye 🙂 The army overall looks great! Also, I quite like the extra touch added by your rough going markers (?), those snazzy little round flocked bases on the hill there!


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. I’m hoping they inspire the warbands against the Romans tonight!

      I’d had been planning to make markers like those for ages; they finally got done, as they were the perfect vehicle to experiment on with this new way of flocking. I’d thought of them more as markers for swamps (which I seldom get to play), but after Joel got confused over whether a hill was steep or not, I figured they’d be good for BGo hills.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Very good colours, Mark. I saw some beautifully painted Dark Age British & Irish figures once on a French website, but because of the base colours they looked like they would be right at home in North Africa.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. Now I’m experimenting with colours for the Mediterranean armies—wouldn’t want to achieve the reverse of those armies you describe, Spanish in Northern Europe.

      • Stephen Says:

        For most of Spain you could actually get away with what you used for your Gauls. When we went through, the grassland just looked like NZ in summer. After all it is the Antipodes. But the fashion is to depict Spain as semi desert like you see in the mountains and Southern coastal fringes where the beach resorts are.

      • Mark Davies Says:

        Well, that’s encouraging and I’ll keep it in mind. However, it’d only delay the decision of how to do the Hellenistic and North African armies. I may yet go for a fairly standard ‘Mediterranean’ style base for these armies, however I design it. I am fond of conformity it style!

  3. Kent Says:

    Very nice job there if i say so myself lots of time and effort in those figures great job

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