1 March, 2010

After a short break to get my thesis submitted I celebrated by finishing the Gallic cavalry last weekend. I really like these figures. The command element has a lot of character and the severed head bearer is a real cracker. I used some Xyston Gallic shields for these figures, as they have spines on them. Unfortunately, these are the small shields, of which I’ve used the lot, as the large round one is in my opinion too large.

Gallic cavalry; three elements of 3Cv, the army's spearhead.

The rest of this army is ready to go, as the warband and skirmishers are from the Ancient British army, as are the Chariots if I choose to use them. However, as I plan to field a later army, I’ve opted to have a mounted command, even though the army list doesn’t allow for this (beats me why). I’m hoping to try them out against the Marian Romans, who have fled back from Britain with their tails between their legs. I expect the Gauls to be harder to win with, but they do have the maximal amount of headhunters, which must count for something!

Headhunters, proudly displaying their trophies. I'm very pleased with the last head I did; I used 'Rotting Flesh' for the eyes, and it's worked well.

2 Responses to “Gauls”

  1. Neldoreth Says:

    Nice stuff here! Looking forward to seeing them run those Romans out of France!

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, they may have to start from that one small village! They should get to try this Thursday.

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