1 March, 2010

I’ve now painted 10 elements that can be used in a Carthaginian army (though only 7 at the same time), and I’m yet to paint a Carthaginian! I’ve done three 3Wb (Celts), four 2Ps (Spanish, Numidian and Libyan skirmishers), one 3Ax (Spanish) and now two 2LH (Numidians). All that’s left are the Carthaginians: 2xEl, 3x4Sp and 2x3Cv.

Numidian mercenaries, light horse and foot skirmishers.

I spent quite a bit of time creating my own flesh colour for these Numidians (Dwarf Flesh, Vomit Brown and Dark Brown), only to find that it matched the Tanned Flesh I already had. I may try again using just the two browns. I tried undercoating these figures with a wash of ‘Klear’ (‘Future’ In America). One thing this does is show up the figure’s highlights. It also shows up the flash lines I missed when I was prepping the figures. It also gives a gloss surface to paint on, which has its advantages, but as I use fairly thinned paints this means I would need to adjust how much I thin my paints, as on a glossy surface the thinned paint tends to go into the folds too much.

Gallic mercenaries; note the shield on the left that has a peeling transfer—damn!

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