Ancient Britons finished

14 February, 2010

Last night I finished the flocking of the last unites needed to field all the options of an Ancient British (II/53) army (OK, so I need one more 3Wb if I want to go with 2x2LH and 10x3Wb, but otherwise!). Therefore, I’ve created a page for them on My Armies here:


The new figures included two more chariots. I glued these together before I painted them. I don’t think I’ll do that again. It wasn’t impossible, but it’s easier painting them in bits and then scraping off a little paint to get a metal-on-metal join for the glue.

Two more chariots; the thunderbolts were from VVV's Imperial Roman range.

I also did the two elements of slingers so I can field an army heavy on psiloi if I choose.

British slingers; note the 'Rupert the Bear' pants on the far right—not intentional!

Then there were a lot of warband. These were divided into those who kept their clothes on and those who didn’t. Of the clothed ones, there is a command element, with splendid carnyx and a chap standing on a severed head (I added a shield strapped to his back).

The (mostly) clothed warbands; the figure on the far left reminds me of one of the Roman legionaries in civvies in 'Asterix in Britain', who kept his helmet on (and dammit I got the colours pretty much the same without intentionally trying!

The Roman I remembered from 'Asterix in Britain'.

Of those with no clothes on, my favourite is one holding a severed head. He provides a good tableau for two of the naked fanatics who are curiously standing around. I added a rock to prop his shield against. In the other elements I mixed in some with pants on, partly to make them go further, but also to provide more poses, and figures with swords.

Naked (and semi-naked) fanatics. I'll need to work on the eyes of the severed head; they're too large at the moment, even if they might roll up when the head is severed (I believe that when Maori roll their eyes in the haka, it reflects a threat of what the enemy's eyes will do once decapitated!).

Headhunters from behind, showing how I added their shields.

Some of these figures were painted with the shields glued on and some with the shield separately. On balance, I think I prefer to do them separately. I’ve already started on the Gallic cavalry (and Numidians for the Carthaginians), so I hope to be able to field an army of Gauls soon.

6 Responses to “Ancient Britons finished”

  1. TWR Says:

    The army looks great Mark. I look forward to hearing how they go! Speaking to Joel this evening it sounds like his Marians shouldn’t be left at home this week.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, it’ll be a classic match-up: Wb against Bd and Caesar in Britain; I’m looking forward to it. We’re planning for a game on Thursday.

  2. Steve Keohane Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Love your Ancient Brits – those VVV decals really finish off your paint work. Look forward to seeing them chop up some Romans! The Corvus Belli Characters are a great addition – I have used the guy standing on his victims head as a Chariot mounted general for my early Irish. Have you noted the Cv figure holding a head? I think he would go well in a Pict army.


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, Steve. I’m hoping to see them add some Roman heads to their collection too!

      Yes, I’ve got the mounted head-carrying figure and he’ll be the centrepiece of the next batch being painted: three elements of Gallic cavalry.

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