Staying on target

10 February, 2010

A Chariot Roman flanked by two CB Celts.

The other day I almost started painting a pair of camps for my Mediterranean armies. I think it was because the Celts were looking too like too big a job. However, I managed to stay on target and get the hardest part of them done, their shields and their clothes. For the clothes I think it helped that I worked out how many cloaks, tunics and pants I needed to paint and then divided them up amongst the number of colours I was going to use. This made a huge difference, as otherwise I tend to do too few of the first colour and then am left trying to work out some sort of balance moure or less by guesswork.

The next lot of VVV transfers arrived today, and I did a couple to see how they’d look. I decided the Roman looked OK with flanking wolves (while the boars like that didn’t work); strangely this matches the picture in Warry’s book that I mentioned in the last post exactly! I got VVV’s R1 (Legionary Thunderbolt) transfer and have cut it up to use on the Celtic shields. The figure on the right shows how they look. These figures are the first that I’ve tried quartering the shield when I paint it. I’m pleased with how that’s worked.


6 Responses to “Staying on target”

  1. TWR Says:

    Great looking figures and shields. They really look the part. The final armies should look very impressive.

  2. TWR Says:

    No fancy repositioning those Celts though. Well with the possible exception of the chariots. The Romans will be nervous of the Gallic charge I imagine.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Ancient Britons can be über-mobile–4xLCh and 2x2LH, so lots of scope to get myself into trouble there. The Gauls can have 3x3Cv, so a slight edge on the Romans in regards to mounted, but they’re still waiting to be painted.

  3. Stephen Says:

    The quartering idea works very nicely. A very good way of getting around the monochrome VVV transfers.
    For a couple of my armies I just found a group photo of some reenactors and gave my figures the same clothes!

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