Ancient Celts

28 January, 2010

The first batch of Ancient Celts: two chariots, some adolescent skirmishers, some British light horse and a warband. The photos were taken in bright sunshine, so the contrast is a little too high.

I’ve finally finished the Celts that I started some six weeks ago. If I hadn’t played a game of DBA against Joel’s Marians the other day they’d still be partially finished, with my attention focused on other armies. I’ve based the two chariots, an element of light horse and the two elements of adolescent skirmishers. I’ve also based one of the two warband elements, but I’ll do the other one when I’ve finished painting the rest of the army. One of the figures in it is bare-chested, and I need him to mix with my naked fanatics, which I’m mixing in with some more demure chaps that have gone topless, but kept their strides on!

Note the lefty light horseman on the right!

I got one pack of naked fanatics and by using one of the figures from the foot command I can get three 3Wb elements from it. That means I’m basing the command as 3Wb, as I can’t see the advantage of making it 4Wb (it offends against my sense of order when the rest of the foot are 3Wb).

The first warband. I like the way the VVV transfers came out.

These are the first figures I’ve done using the head-mounted magnifying glass, and it certainly makes a difference. I found putting stripes on their clothes quite easy, something I’m sure I couldn’t manage without the magnification. I painted the chariots in pieces before assembling them, something I won’t do again. I also glued the shields on after everything was painted, which I will do again, as I reckon it’s easier. I used a lighter wash this time, one made with the GW chestnut ink. I got a bit fancy and used a black wash on the steel armour and and a darker brown on the reds. I think it was worth the effort. The CB figures certainly paint up well.

Another angle on the mounted elements. The chariots have been painted in pretty subdued colours (these Celts aren't into paint, apparently!)

Next to be painted are four elements of 3Wb (including a foot command element), one more 2LH and two 2Ps (not really necessary, but quick). Then I’ll be ready to face Joel’s Marians with an Ancient British army.


8 Responses to “Ancient Celts”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Ahhh, very good indeed.

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing these guys painted since I saw one of the chariots on a visit to your place.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, they’re the first chariots I’ve done. Using both PVA and superglue to attach the crew and the shields made the job much easier.

  2. Kent Says:

    awesome site lots of info and plenty of great pics
    will be coming back

  3. Anarchangel Says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot about VVV transfers. Thanks for the reminder!

    So, 3Wb… are they any different in DBA to 4Wb & 5Wb? I love Wb(F) in DBM, but I don’t know if I can bring myself to muck about with slow Wb.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      No, in DBA 3Wb and 4Wb are the same. 5Hd, however, is 5Wb.

      As for VVV, I’m getting quite fancy with them now; I’ve been cutting them up to make designs in opposing quarters.

  4. TWR Says:

    On the topic of Warband basing I plan to base all my DBA Gauls on 20mm deep bases but with four figures per base. This allows me to use the larger bases for additional variety but still have as many Celts on a base as those nasty Romans. Apart from the recoil depth there is no difference.

    Are those Ancient Britns going to be ready to face the Romans this week Mark?

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Not this week, but maybe next, though I’m actually branching out into trying VVV shield transfers on some of the other shields that I need to paint CB Spanish, OG15s Oscans and Chariot Romans! The next lot of Britons are halfway done. I also have to repair the two chariots, which got dropped!

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