Army Rankings and a HOTT game

20 January, 2010

  • Painting Progress

I’ve not managed much painting for a while now, and that’s likely to continue for another month. I’ve managed to get a ‘head mounted magnifying glass’ on TradeMe for $1 (+ $9 postage!). The light on it was broken and hanging loose, so they sent me another one, which had the same problem. I didn’t want to point this out (and get yet another one!), as it works fine with a bit of glue and now I have two of them for all of $10. The light is actually quite useful, removing any shadows on what I’m working on. I’ve been using the 1.8 times magnification, as any more has too close a focal length, but I do have 3.5 times for special jobs (drilling hands, perhaps). I’d tried out something similar while Stephen was here before Christmas. His were lighter and didn’t have a visor, so I used them like reading glasses, looking down into them and looking over them the rest of the time. I have to do the reverse of this now. It may take a little getting used to, as I seem to crick my neck to look into the lens.

  • Army Ranking

A while ago I devised a spreadsheet that allows me to record each battle I play and keep a tally of wins and losses. It’ll become more interesting as the King Magnus Campaign develops. Currently the only victory for the Anglo-Normans, was as part of a BBDBA game in Christchurch; somewhat surprising, as they’re probably the strongest army! The weakest, the Norse Irish, are yet to lose!

Army Played Won Lost Drew


2 1 1 0


6 1 5 0


3 1 2 0


3 3 0 0

North Welsh

4 3 1 0

South Welsh

2 1 1 0

Norse Irish

4 4 0 0

Scots Isles and Highlands

3 0 3 0

Pre-feudal Scots

4 2 2 0


1 0 1 0


10 4 3 3
  • A little bit of HOTT

My nephews, visiting from France, were keen to see my figures in action, so I got two of them fighting a HOTT battle. The Goblins had 2x3Wb (1=cmd), 6x7Hd, 2xLu (spiders), 2x3Rd (wolf riders), 1xBh (Trolls), 1xDr. They faced an army of 4x4Bd (1=cmd) (Islemen), 2xFl (hippogriff riders), 2x2Rd (centaurs), 1xHr (centaur), 1xMg.

The Goblins were defending and formed up the hordes in depth in the centre around their commander, and the trolls flanked by wolf riders on a hill to their left in front of the stronghold. The spiders held the right flank, as there was a wood there, which the humans would not want to enter.

The humans formed up with the centaurs facing the Goblin infantry, the Islemen facing the hill with the magician behind them and the hippogriff riders in reserve.

Luke, leading the Goblins had to wait a long time for the dragon to arrive, during this time his brother Richard taunted him by rolling a succession of sixes for PIPs! With these PIPs Richard decided to block the goblin infantry with his fliers and move the centaurs around to support the right flank of the Islemen against the troops on the hill.

Eventually, tiring of having nothing to fight, the Goblin leader broke out and attacked an element of Islemen, destroying them. The fight on the hill started just as the dragon arrived. It resulted in the trolls being destroyed (they had hippogriff riders to their rear), but the wolf riders either only recoiled, or fought off a flank attack.

The dragon quickly destroyed one of the hippogriff riders, but in Richard’s turn he was able to attack the Goblin chief with his wizard while they were flanked by the other hippogriff riders.

With hindsight, I realized that the goblins were not pinned by the fliers; they could pass underneath them, which might have changed how the battle played out. It was never wise for their commander to leave his flanks exposed when facing fliers, but he was somewhat running out of options. It might have been better had he put his hordes and general on the hill and the mounted elements in the centre.

All in all, a fun game. I should try to play HOTT more often, as I’m not really up on the rules, especially for fliers, and young players are not very patient if I stop to consult the rules too much.


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