Painting Progress in 2009

2 January, 2010

It’s not since the end of September that I’ve posted a graph on what I’ve painted and what I’ve bought. This is probably as it’s looking pretty ugly: lots bought and little painted. In fact in December I didn’t manage to finish any figures, though I started a few. I spent most of my painting time preparing figures. Most of those I bought are now ready to paint. It’s just a matter of getting started on them! I’ve finished the shields of some CB Celts and all of the figures apart from their clothes, so they shouldn’t take long. I should make finishing them my priority!

On a more positive note, I can look back at a lot of finished armies this year. Starting in February last year, I’ve painted up a variety of fantasy figures for HOTT including a complete Goblin army. I had two DBA armies going into the year, Anglo-Danes and Normans. I had done a few figures that could make these into Anglo-Normans (provided the knights didn’t dismount) and Pre-feudal Scots. I’d also done a few sample elements of other armies. Now I’ve completed a Norse Irish, a Pre-feudal Scots, a Viking, a Scots Isles and Highlands and two Welsh armies (North and South). So, though I tend to look at what is waiting to be painted, it’s easy to forget how much I have done!


2 Responses to “Painting Progress in 2009”

  1. Nick Grant Says:

    Good work mate!

    Lets see…since the last school holidays I’ve completed exactly…nothing!

    And this jolly steam tank is taking ages – I can’t finish the hull until I’ve painted the crew that get glued inside!

    Well done Mark,


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. I replied to this comment earlier, but it mysteriously vanished (I can’t have pushed ’submit’!)

      After Christmas I’ve done no painting, and priorities as they stand that situation might continue for a while. Still, I’m impressed with your steam tank. I’ve not tried anything more adventurous than assembling an elephant, and I’ve not completed that yet!

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