King Magnus’ War: Turn 1 (Spring 1105)

24 December, 2009

The campaign is now ready to start. It has a map and the background battles have all been fought.

  • Special Rules:

There are a couple of special rules in the campaign:

  1. King Magnus’ huscarls are not QKed by knights; they are elite troops and have shown their mettle against cavalry at the Battle of Navenby.
  2. The 3Sp of the North Welsh and the Pre-feudal Scots are classed as Light Spear (LSp or Sp(L)).
  3. Defenders who have taken losses in previous seasons can muster hordes (7Hd) to bring their army up to strength. This is a single 7Hd and a 50% chance of a second (determined by dice roll). There are two exceptions to this; firstly defenders not in one of their initial three provinces only have a 50% chance of a single 7Hd; and secondly the Norse Irish get a 5Wb (rising out) as their first horde and a 50% chance of an additional 2Ps (kerns) instead of getting 7Hd.
  • Initial Deployments:

The initial deployments are shown by the flags on the map above. The initial campaign armies are:

  • Anglo-Norse: 3x4Bd (1=cmd), 1x3Kn, 7x4Sp, 1x2Ps.
  • Anglo-Normans: 4x3Kn (1=cmd), 5x4Sp, 1x3Cb, 2x2Ps.
  • North Welsh: 1x3Cv (1=cmd), 2x4Bd, 6x3Sp(L), 1x3Lb, 2x2Ps.
  • Norse Irish: 6x3Ax (1=cmd), 2x4Bd, 4x2Ps.
  • Scots Isles and Highland: 6x4Bd (1=cmd), 2x3Ax, 2x3Bw, 1x5Wb, 1x2Ps.
  • Pre-feudal Scots: 1x3Cv (1=cmd), 1x2LH, 1x4Wb, 2x3Wb, 5x3Sp(L), 2x2Ps.

These armies do not conform to the DBA lists in every detail. The ‘Anglo-Norse’ are mostly the Anglo-Danes, but with some knights that have settled in the kingdom, much as they did in the Scots one in real history; otherwise the 2Ps option of the Anglo-Danes can be a 3Bw if preferred. The Anglo-Normans don’t have the option of a 3Cv, 3Sp or Wwg and instead have na extra 4Sp. The North Welsh have some Ostmen mercenaries (4Bd). Likewise the Scots Isles and Highlands have some Irish mercenaries (3Ax) and some Highland Skirmishers (2Ps). Otherwise, the Pre-feudal Scots seem to have patched up relations with the Galwegians after the Battle of Ebchester and are fielding the 3Wb.

  • Declarations of War

I have to confess to having fudged this a little, as I read over the campaign rules in a hurry before the first battle; I had to pack two armies to take to my friend’s house, so rolled who moved first, and then realized that you’re supposed to declare war before this. Anyhow, King Magnus showed why it is his war by rolling a six and being the first to move. He declared war on the English and gained ally support from Angus of Scotland. Gruffudd of Wales decided that the English were better allies than an over-powerful Northumbria and sent allies to help William Rufus. The armies met in Mercia (report to follow). Otherwise, Turlough of Ireland declared war on the Welsh and Gilledomman of the Isles declared war on the Scots. These two had the luxury of seeing how the first battle played out.

2 Responses to “King Magnus’ War: Turn 1 (Spring 1105)”

  1. TWR Says:

    Excellent start Mark. I look forward to reading future of future developments.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, I’m hoping to get time to write up some of the battles. Over the holidays the family has most of my time!

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