Head Hunters

14 December, 2009

After getting a heap of Corvus Belli figures last month, and trying hard not to get any more until I’ve been a good boy and painted what I’ve got, I’ve come across some Corvus Belli Celts I can’t believe I didn’t see earlier:

CB116: Victory & Defeat

These are the perfect antidote for the popular image of Celts as New Age tree-huggers! I’m going to have to get them, not sure when or how, but I must have a pack!

2 Responses to “Head Hunters”

  1. Stephen Says:

    And the Dying Gaul too! But would you be using him?

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Well, I could be tempted to make some casualty counters for blog photos. Feudal Castings make casualty figures for their ranges.

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