Gone Ancient

13 December, 2009

Well, in the end I put the Komnenans away, half painted. I couldn’t get motivated to finish them, and I was impatient to get going on the ancient figures. I’ve made a start on the Celts. I’ve done the horses for some Ancient British 2LH and two chariots. I’ve also got the figures done, but for their clothes: two 3Wb and two 2Ps (the adolescents).

I thought for a while I wouldn’t be able to use VVV transfers for the shields, but tonight I tried a few and I reckon they’ll pass. They’re not ideal, because the boss is large and goes nearly to the edges of the shields, but the patterns I’ve used, while they will lose the decoration that will be covered by the boss, will still look pretty good, I think.

I’ve also spent time prepping some Carthaginians: Numidian light cavalry and javelinmen and Libyan javelinmen. They should be a cinch to paint, only a few colours. I’m also putting together an elephant; more work than I’d expected, but I’ll use some of the Libyans as support troops around the base (I don’t really need four Libyan 2Ps!). While getting these figures prepped, I also did the rest of the Celts (Gallic cavalry and some naked fanatics).

I’ve now catalogued the armies I got from Mike Sanderson. Using Fanaticus, I was able to sort out what manufacturer some of them were. It’s funny how knowing the figures’ pedigree has made me better disposed to some of them! I’ll need to get a few figures to round them out, but I’m resisting until I’ve made a dent in the Corvus Belli figures. Still waiting for the Magister Militum order to arrive (damn).

No pictures yet, but some soon, when the Celts are done.


2 Responses to “Gone Ancient”

  1. TWR Says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing photos and hearing of battles…

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Well, I’m keen to get stuff painted this summer, but for a while anyway it’s going to stay early medieval for the battles. I should get one in today, for the King Magnus Campaign, and with a real opponent too! Steve’s over from Melbourne.

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