Going Ancient

10 December, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. This month’s been busy and I’ve not done any painting for quite some while. I’ve got some elements for the Komnenan Byzantines started, but I’ve done little for ages. One delay was the decision to change the spears on some of the Kavallarioi. Drilling out the hands and replacing the spears with Xyston ones has not been a great success. Another is that I’d really rather be painting some of the ancient figures that I’ve got. And I’ve got lots of them: Ancient Britons, Carthaginians, Ancient Spanish, Polybian Romans, Bruttians, Syracusans, Late Macedonians and the army of Demetrius Poliorcetes. The last four of these I got from Mike Sanderson. The Romans are Chariot figures from Magister Militum, and I’m still waiting impatiently for them. The rest are Corvus Belli figures. I won the Ancient Britons, and then got some more figures from Vexillia (they don’t charge VAT for overseas orders and offer a SoA discount, making the Corvus Belli figures cheaper for me than from the manufacturer!). These are enough to turn the Britons into Gauls (some Gallic cavalry) and make the Carthaginians, Ancient Spanish. When they’re all painted I can have a Second Punic War campaign! Needless to say, all these figure purchases has pushed back the proportion of painted to unpainted (sigh!).

Anyway, after a long delay, I’m back to painting the Komnenans. I’ve also put decals on Varangians and the Centaurs that I painted a while back. When they’re done, I can get stuck into those ancients!

I should also get the King Magnus campaign under way too!

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