Serious Flash

15 November, 2009

Yesterday I cleaned up all my new Corvus Belli Ancient Britons. I found out what serious flash is, as they had heaps of it and it was very thick in places. I’ve read figure reviews where the reviewer comments that the figure had little flash and I hadn’t paid much attention to it. Until now most flash that I’ve encountered is a thin crest that can be scrapped away with a blade. Not this stuff. It needed to be hacked off. Fortunately the metal was very inflexible and didn’t bend or break as I cut large chunks of lead off the bases. The experience left me with a new appreciation for flash!

I then cleaned up the figures I need to finish the Komnenan Byzantines and a stack of Black Raven figures that my son decided he wanted to paint. I’m not sure if this sudden interest wasn’t a ruse to avoid going to bed, but they’re now ready if he decides he wants to paint them. They a pack of orcs and a pack of dwarves. The dwarves are taller than my humans so I’ve not used them, though they look nice.

This morning I undercoated them all, and was surprised at how much of the detail this brought out. I’d noticed that the Old Glory figures on their website were a curious grey colour as though they were plastic, but I think they’ve been undercoated for just this reason. It’s much easier to see the detail than when you’re looking at shiny metal. I’m now really keen to make a start on those Britons.


The arrayed figures that were undercoated this morning. I've found putting the riders on nails with Blutak is a convenient way to paint them. I use flat-headed nails for the foot and round-headed ones for the riders. I find poking them into polystyrene a handy way to stand the nails up.

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