Irish and Byzantines

12 November, 2009

Norse Irish

The complete Norse Irish army with 4 Kerns, 2 Ostmen, 8 Bonnachts and 1 Rising Out

I did my first bit of painting in a while last weekend and finished off some figures I’d started month. I now have a Norse Irish army with all the options: 8x3Ax and even 1x5Wb for the Rising Out, which isn’t in the DBA list but is in the DBM one. The two extra elements of Bonnachts will allow the Scots Isles and Highland army to field them as Irish mercenaries against the Norse Irish in the King Magnus’ War campaign. I’m almost ready to start that campaign and am working on the last lot of figures for it now: 1x3Sp (Welsh spear), 2x3Bw (Welsh bow), 2x3Bw and 1x2Ps (Viking archers). When these are done, hopefully this weekend, I’ll be ready to start.


Two more Bonnachts and one Rising Out

I also finished off 3Kn for the Latinikon of the Komnenan Byzantine army. The rest of the figures for that have arrived, so it should be my next project, but I’m getting attracted to the Classical period. Blame Conquest for that, and winning a Corvus Belli Ancient British army there. Now I’m wanting to get some more Corvus Belli armies (Late Carthaginians and Ancient Spanish) as well as Hellenistic and Roman armies for them to fight. If this goes ahead, I may end up running a pre-history to the Hesperia campaign with them!


Outpost Crusader Knights for the Komnenan Latinikon

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