DBA Combat Odds

23 October, 2009

Yesterday, prompted by a comment by Steve.  I decided to get my head properly around the combat odds in DBA. I used a calculator that I found on the Fanaticus website here:


With this I made a table of the combat odds set out in rows by the difference, even odds, the +1 to the attacker and so on. Here’s the result:


You can also get a copy of it in PDF here:


What surprised me was what a difference even +1 made to the odds. The chart also show how steep the odds are against knights facing psiloi supported spear. Certainly in all the recent battles I’ve played the knights have lost in a match-up, but I’m sure that before I read on the Fanaticus forum how to deal with knights, I used to win all the time in these situations, even charging uphill! So I wonder if knowing the odds spoils your luck.

3 Responses to “DBA Combat Odds”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Yes I remember those earlier games we had with the Kn quite comprehensively dealing to Sp armies. Maybe the Sp took a while to gain their confidence?!

  2. Mark Davies Says:

    For me it was reading up on fighting knights in preparation for Harald Hardrada fighting William. I was probably lucky, but before then I’d have looked to cower on a hill before the knights.

    Now even my Scots Wb are losing their mojo—they used to be as terrifying as the knights.

    It may also be perception—when the Sp won I figured they got lucky, and when the Kn won I assumed that was normal, and that may have skewed my memory. Having said that, when Wb and Kn win it’s generally pretty spectacular.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Actually, now I think about it more, the difference is that I’ve been using a lot of psiloi -backed spear recently (Pre-feudal Scots, North Welsh and Picts); previously I’d been using the Anglo-Danish and they have only one psiloi, which the commander and his huscarls always nabbed. Without the rear support the odds are not so good for the spear.

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