Outpost Byzantines

11 October, 2009

I didn’t play any game this weekend. I spent quite a lot of time planning my next figure purchase, sigh! So much for plans to finish what I had. I’m intending to get a number of armies from around the period of the First Crusade. I already have all I need for a Crusader army, using Normans and other feudal figures, but I don’t have any cavalry armies, so I’m going to get a Komnenan Byzantine army, a Seljuk army and a Syrian army. I’m getting them from Outpost Wargames Services. I’ll also get a Ghaznavid elephant from them, and at some stage expand the Seljuks and Syrians to be Ghaznavids.

I can justify this to some degree as I’m intending to use these armies for my Hesperia campaign, so it is all part of the grand plan. I got some Outpost figures back in April as samples for this army, and in order to be at least a little bit disciplined about this purchase, I decided I better paint them to see how they look. I’ve completed 5 elements of the Byzantines already:

1x3Cv (Kavallarioi)
1x2LH (Tourkopouloi)
1x2LH (Skythikon Pechenegs)
1x2Ps (Archers)
1x4Bd (Varangians)

I also completed an element of spear-armed Centaurs, and I have 2 elements of Outpost knights almost complete, along with an element of Turkomans and in addition I’ve got some Irish over half done.

I was quite worried about how I was going to do the shields on the Outpost figures, as they’re quite small and have no bosses. Last night I tried the VVV transfers on them and found they fitted perfectly, although there’s no rim to the shields. I’ve decided to make bosses with Green Stuff, which I’m now waiting to dry before I can say they’re totally complete, but the horses are complete and the bases are flocked.

I’m going to be putting in a big order of VVV transfers soon. I’ll be getting some for the Seljuks and the Syrians and I’ll also get a few Hellentistic and 10mm ones for small shields. I’ll be using the Hellenistic ones for the Varangians and the Centaurs. I’ve become totally reliant on transfers now. I could now consider painting a 13th century army with all those barded horse and heraldry using transfers—best not to start thinking about that!


4 Responses to “Outpost Byzantines”

  1. Stephen Says:

    My ‘few packs’ from Essex has turned into 14. There’s discipline for you. Did you want those shield decals made up?

    • Mark Says:

      It’s funny how one pack just seems to need another and before you know it you’ve got way more than you’d ever have thought. As for the decals, thanks, but I should be able to get by with VVV ones, I think.

      • Stephen Says:

        Yes the VVV should do it. I once saw an MS with one of those strange ‘wing’ designs shown in ADA on Google, but I haven’t been able to find it since. Otherwise they are asterisks and crosses and such. Looking forward to seeing pictures!

      • Mark Says:

        VVV don’t have too many designs that are really Byzantine. The one that’s shown in the next post is one of them. The others are two sorts of patterns of little squiggles around the edge of the shield (which are shown on some of the Norman LH). The rest are those wavy crosses, which seem to be more Frankish. I’ll have to look at ADA’s patterns again.

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