Scots Isles and Highlands Army

27 September, 2009

Today I finished 4 more 4Bd for the Scots Isles and Highlands army. It’s now good to go, using my modified army list, that is.

Scots Isles and Highlands Army

Scots Isles and Highlands Army

The figures are all Feudal Castings. the Islemen themselves are a combination of the Scots Thegns (M1a), the Scots command pack (MS6), Scots Axemen (MS2) and Scots Spear (MS1). Two of the Scots Spear figures have been modified to use axes; they had a spear two-handed and a shield slung on their backs (one is the furthest Isleman on the left in the front. I may yet get more thegns and spear and make 3 more elements so that I can field a regular army.

2 Responses to “Scots Isles and Highlands Army”

  1. Neldoreth Says:

    Most excellent and inspiring stuff! I am liking the 11th century action!


  2. Mark Says:

    Thanks, those Feudal Castings thegns were just too good to use for only one element in the Pre-feudal Scots army, while the Feudal Castings Islemen looked too late for my period. These figures look a lot like Vikings except for their lack of trousers.

    I’m looking forward to trying them out soon, but they’ll have to join the queue behind the Vikings. My painting’s got ahead my time for gaming!

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