Viking Army

20 September, 2009

The Completed Viking army

The Completed Viking army

Earlier this week I finally finished the Viking army. I had redone all the shields of the Huscarls a few weeks back and started on the rest of the Hird. I finally finished them this week: 5x4Bd and 1x3Bd (Freelance raiders).

The completed army consists of:

6x4Bd: Huscarls (arrayed three deep next to the command)
6x4Bd: Hird (arrayed either side of the Huscarls; I’ve got too few of these compared to the Huscarls, but the difference between them is fairly slight)
1x3Wb: Berserks (on the front left)
1x3Bd: Freelance Raiders (behind berserks)
1x2Ps: Skirmishers (behind raiders)

I’m not sure when they’ll get to fight, as what time I’ve had for gaming recently I’ve spent painting—an enthusiasm not to be wasted while it lasts!


2 Responses to “Viking Army”

  1. Don Ray Says:

    Great Viking army!

    • Mark Says:

      Thanks, Don; it was the VVV transfers that gave it a much more professional look than I’d ever have managed by hand. They’re still waiting for their first battle, though!

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