Trying out Transfers

25 August, 2009

I tried out applying transfers this morning. These are the VVV ones, and they’ve gone well so far. They’re a perfect fit for the Feudal Castings round shields (I’ll try their kite shields tonight). Thanks to a lead I got from a reply to my query on Fanaticus, I’ve used vinegar to soften the decals into the contours of the shields (some have small indents to represent nail holes, and others have lines to show the plank construction of the shield). I’m not sure how much difference this has made—I have to wait for the decals to dry and then for them to be varnished. If it hasn’t worked I may use magic wash on the shields first to bring these details out. That should work provided the decal is a darker colour than the shield.

I’ve not tried the LBM transfer yet; they look lovely, but they also look a lot more work. I’ll use them on some Essex and Khurasan figures, which are a fair way down the queue to get painted.

I’m definitely a convert to using transfers. I think my shield painting skills have been getting worse! I probably need one of those magnifying glasses to help me, but also the shields are generally the last thing I paint and by the time I get to them, I’m in a hurry to finish: “if I get the shields done tonight, I can put the wash on tomorrow morning and base them later in the day!”. As a consequence, I reckon my efforts were getting more hurried and uninspired. I was getting dissatisfied with this, and transfer offer a good solution. Still, I will probably need more patience with drying times than I’ve had in the past!


2 Responses to “Trying out Transfers”

  1. stephen malone Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I got your details from Keith McNelly in CHristchurch.
    I thought that I would contact you. I understand you are a solo gamer. We have quite a group going in Timaru here. It has taken us about three or four years to get going with DBA but noe have a solid group of around a dozen players for the histroics. We also play V&B Napoleonic 6mm (real new to this) still painting my first army. V&B ACW (also 6mm). Shako II Napolenic 10 and 15mm. Of courss DBA ancients and medieval. I am looking to get my first BBDBA army an Alexandrian or Imperial Alexandrian. Have been playing a campaign based around Britannia which has been interesting. One of our members is talking about organising a 10mm War of the Roses campaign. He has built two armies. We are looking at running a display game refighting Austerlitz 1805 in 10mm using Shako II. We also have looked at but never had the time to go forward with HOTT. Have a number of younger players that we are mentoring therefore sideline every once in a while to play Western gunfight games for these folk, not too bad especially if I can be eith er the bad guys and or the Indians. Light hearted sidelines. The club meets regularly. See our website address following if you would be interested in seeing what else happens.

    Just thought I would say hello and introduce myself and the club.

    • Mark Says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for getting in contact. I’m planning to get to the DBA competition that Keith is organizing at the end of next month, so hopefully I’ll get to see you there. I’m impressed with what little I’ve seen of TAG, and frankly envious. I heard about Tagcon too late to get there this year, but I may try and get along next year. It may give me ideas of how to promote DBA up here.

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