Painting Progress Update

23 August, 2009

No interesting battle reports this weekend. Instead I’ve finally got back into painting. Yesterday I finished a batch of figures except for their shields. They’re all Feudal Castings figures, 7 mounted (Norman knights) and 23 foot (6 x Welsh 3Sp and 1 x Islemen 4Bd and 1 galloglaigh who’s really too late to fit in with the Islemen). 11 of the foot have no shields so they’re done, and until transfers from Veni, Vedi, Vici and Little Big Men Studios arrive I can’t do the shields of the others. I’ve never used transfers before, so I’m not sure how it’s going to go!

I’ve already started on the next batch, the last of my Feudal Castings Vikings (23 figures) and an element of dismounted knights, which is a combination of Feudal Castings Norman spearmen and Essex knights. I’m not sure how well they’ll mix, so it’ll be interesting to see how they look when finished.

Inspired by the tallies of Neldoreth and Tim of Saskatoon, though I’m not in their league either in quality or quantity of output, I decided to work out how many figures I’d painted, and more damningly, how many I had to paint, especially as I’ve recently bought quite a few figures for the King Magnus’ War campaign.

Figure Purchases and Painting

Figure Purchases and Painting

What was surprising about this exercise was to discover that I now have 1,251 15mm figures, of which only 2/5 are painted (484). I didn’t realize buying DBA armies would add up so fast—after all, I keep telling myself they’re only about 12 elements each. I’ve got a few hordes to blame for some of this, and as yet of them only half of the Goblins are painted. Anyway, when the last order arrives (72 more figures from Feudal Castings), I’ll try to avoid buying more and focus on making some inroads into that pile of unpainted figures!

7 Responses to “Painting Progress Update”

  1. TWR Says:

    I am afraid you clearly have the “purchase lead” syndrome. You may not recover from this. In time you will learn not to count what figurs you have purchased and not painted…

    • Mark Says:

      You’re quite right. I’ve got the bug. I had pretty good self-control last year—no buying more figures until I’d finished painting the ones I’d bought. Not this year! But keeping records may help me try for some spurious goals, such as seeing if I can paint more figures in a month than I have before, or if I can get the proportion of painted to over 1/2!

  2. TWR Says:

    I have given up trying to count as I have so many 6mm figures unpainted it is shocking. Without looking at the 15mm figures. In between my own painting and rebasing I will continue to look forward to further updates on your website.

  3. Mark Says:

    Thanks, I’m keen to finish the Vikings, which I’ve started on; and the shield transfers arrived today, so I’ll get to try them out this week …with a certain amount of trepidation!

  4. TWR Says:

    I’ve used VVV shield transfers on my hoplites. They have generally worked well.

  5. Neldoreth Says:

    h, to tabulate or not to tabulate! Excellent stuff, and I know how you feel! For me, seeing how many armies/figs I had to paint certainly helped me curb my buying 🙂 But take care, those graphs can be a dampener of the painting spirit if you aren’t careful 😉 That is of course unless you are a painting machine like Tim!

    I am looking forward to seeing your vikings! I have been enjoying your posts to date and I am looking forward to more!


  6. Mark Says:

    Thanks. I’m looking forward to having the Vikings finished too. I want to try them out against some of the other armies.

    I’ll keep your warning in mind; so far the tabulating has been a spur to paint, but my painting goes in fits and starts, as does my figure purchases! It’s just that recently there seems to have been a lot more buying than painting. However, I’m sure that the chance to show an upswing on the painted line of the graph will be quite motivating for me!

    I’d previously been painting an element at a time of new figures to see how they’d look. This is usually quite motivating, as it’s driven by curiosity. Now I need to buckle down to actually finishing some of the armies, which is harder work if I think too much about how many figures it will involve. However, it has its own satisfaction in getting to use them, and now that’s harnessed to the goal of having armies finished for the King Magnus campaign.

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