Alternate Histories

17 August, 2009

I’ve updated some of the information on the King Magnus’ War campaign. The ruler of  Scots is now Angus, the nephew of Macbeth, which to my mind gives their kingdom more colour. There is now an earlier departure from the standard timeline, as in 1057 Macbeth defeated Malcolm at Lumphanan.

Out of curiosity I’d googled Stamford Bridge and alternate histories and got some interesting stuff. The most convenient URL is probably here:

Some people are a lot more serious than I am. I clean forgot about Tostig! Perhaps I can have a battle between him and Harald once I finish my Vikings. I’m sure he’d get off side with his erstwhile ally; he seemed that sort of guy! I also want to get Norway and Normandy out of the picture for the interests of a convenient campaign, although the British Isles were in this period were intimately connected through their invaders with both Scandinavia and France. Then as far as Macbeth and his relatives go, I’m really just using a couple names without being too worried about their exact relationships to Macbeth, or even their ages, as far as they’re known, something I do for some of the other leaders.


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