First Outing of Fliers

14 July, 2009

Although I’d painted quite a lot in the last few months, I’d not actually played any games in ages. Early last month I decided to try out my freshly painted flier elements. Ieuan decided he’d join in so we had two armies:


3 x Rd (Wolf Riders, 1 = cmd)
2 x Bs (Wolves)
2 x Bh (Trolls and Ogres)
1 x Dr
2 x Lk (Spiders)

3 x Fl (Bats = allies)


2 x Wb (Galwegians, 1 = cmd)
2 x Sh (Highland Archers)
4 x Fl (Valkyries and Hippogriff Riders)
2 x Rd (Centaurs)
1 x Bh (Walking Tree)

3 x Fl (Eagles)

It was a really topsy-turvy battle. Ieuan as the baddies had the edge. All those fliers were very hard to manoeuvre, and quite fragile. My shooters and warbands sat on the flanks doing nothing for a lack of PIPs. The dragon showed up and ate a flier and then torched the walking tree, which was flanked by the trolls, winning the battle. It was still quite close and I almost knocked out his general, which had started flanked by the two behemoths—not good as they pursued out of support!

The fliers proved pretty fragile, yet better dice could have seen them being much more dangerous. All the same, I reckon 2 fliers is all an army needs!

Ieuan was the defender and I talked him out of slapping a forest in the centre of the board, but the forests around the edge proved irrelevant to the battle between riders and behemoths in the centre of the board, so his wolves and spiders were largely spectators, though one element almost drove the eagle commander off the board. His bats attacked my commander, but weren’t able to do anything spectacular (I played a variant that halved the PIPs of allies—that hurt them a lot).

Fun finally to use all the figures I’ve painted over the last while.

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