Custard the Cowardly Dragon I

14 July, 2009

Early in March this year I had a game of HOTT with Craig. He had a Cl, an Art, a Hr, 3 Bw and 4 Sp. I had 2 Mg, 1 Dr, 3 Wb and 3 Bl. His general was the Hr, mine was a Bl.

Craig was defender and went for a lot of terrain—a river to irritate my Mgs and woods to inconvenience my Dr. I got the edge I wanted, with the river running from my edge to his . This put a series of woods in the middle of the widest part of the board. I ignored the opposite side of the river and Craig spent some time getting his 2 Sp and 1 Bw over there across. I had to put my Wb in the woods, opposite his Bw and my Bl opposite his Art and Sp. My Mgs set up behind the Bl.

Not much happened in the woods—the Bw neutralized the Wb. The Cl made the Mg ineffective, and I couldn’t for the life of me roll a 6 for PIPs! I destroyed his Art with my general, who had a Mg as flank support against the Sp. The Mg lost and had to recoil. It’s base is so deep that it encountered another Bl behind it by about 5mm (or less). It passed through behind this Bl, which was crucial to what happened next—Craig could flank my Cmd with his Sp (the Mg’s ZOC had vanished!) and attack my Cmd with his Hr. He killed my general, but as I had killed more APs (3 for the Art!) I was still hanging on hoping for a 6 PIP. Eventually he killed a Wb and it was all over—bloody Dragon! After losing I tried the Dr out, as a what-if. In its turn after arriving it could have attacked the Cl, which was staying out of the woods providing anti-Mg support to the army. It would have been 6 v. 4. I won this hypothetical combat, after which the Mgs would have become effective.

All in all very interesting. The deep base of the Mg was very significant, something I’d not thought about. It was an odd game, as there were few mounted troops, and a lot of terrain. The dragon was very remiss!


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