Battling around hills

10 July, 2009

This is a short report from a battle with my son over two years ago. It’s not very detailed. I’m not even sure whether I was Norman or Anglo-Norman. Ieuan’s terrain placement made for an odd game.

Ieuan and I had a battle this evening. He was Pre-Feudal Scots defending and placed two large steep hills fairly centrally. I advised him to defend on one flank with some spear and put his cavalry on the other. In the middle were two columns of foot trying to get onto one of the hills.

It was fairly scrappy—our generals were on one flank and the hill blocked their vision and complicating command and control. My psiloi slowed up his deployment on the hill; eventually I won by defeating his spear on one flank and capturing his camp—a first. My psiloi were very effective in stopping his warbands coming to the aid of the spear. However, one of them—the freshly painted Feudal Castings element acquitted itself superbly and wiped out 3 spear single handedly! We kept going and I managed to hang in, surviving having my general overlapped and flanked, but he finally destroyed my last two spear and his LH finally got the upper hand against the knights they faced.

It was something of a first for me—no linear deployment. All good fun.

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