Finished two armies

8 July, 2009

Pre-feudal Scots Light Cavalry and Cavalry and Welsh Cavalry
Pre-feudal Scots Light Cavalry and Cavalry and Welsh Cavalry

After not doing any painting for a few weeks while I got the blog started, I’ve finally finished three mounted elements. I’d started them at the beginning of last month, converting the Welsh, priming them and getting a few colours onto them. I then left them to finish the Goblins and work on the blog (i.e. mostly fiddling with the camera!).

These finish two armies, Pre-feudal Scots and South Welsh. Until now I’ve always had to use the Tabletop Normans for the Pre-feudal Scots mounted troops, so it’s great to finally have the army completed.

The Welsh figures involved converting the shields from Irish and Scots cavalry figures. The Feudal Castings Welsh cavalry didn’t look too promising so I decided to get some large round shields from Outpost Miniatures and use them to replace the bucklers the Irish and Scots figure came with. I used two Irish and one Scot. The Irish have lances, which make them handy for standard bearers. However, the Scots have beards, which is one of the few ways they are different from the Welsh. The one recruited by the Welsh has a blond beard partially hidden by his shield, so his incongruous status shouldn’t be too prominent (I didn’t fancy trying to file it off!).

The Scots command figures are the same as the Welsh ones, apart from a Pict on the left. I took the shields off for the Welsh figures with a hacksaw, filed the area a little, then glued the shield on with super glue. I filled the gap with Testors Contour Putty, which I’m sure is intended for use with plastic, but it dried OK.

The LH figures are one Irishman with no shield (or beard), but a nice cloak and one Scot. I’ve decided to only attach the figures with Blutak, which has been working OK for a pair of Feudal Castings sample Normans I painted as a HOTT hero element a while ago. I didn’t want to glue them, as I’d prefer to have someone with a sword or axe for the hero. Now I can use LH horse as Hero elements by substituting riders. I can also use more of the LH figures as sidekicks (I’ve got 8 figures and only really needed 2, so it’s one way to use them).

The Scots figures have tartan cloaks done using a Staedler 0.1 Pigment Liner—crude but quick. This is a black pen. I tried using a pair of Artline220 Superfine 0.2 pens (red and blue), but the colours run when I applied wash (my Galwegian command now has smudges for cloak patterns!). I tried using the red pen to do the Goblins eyes and then apply varnish, but the varnish had the same effect. I had to apply a green wash to reduce the panda eyes, but it’s still noticeable, particularly on the Hobgoblins.

The flags are Chris Brantley’s Dark Age/Celtic Banners. I should redo some of them, as either the wash was too strong or I removed some of picture was ripped off when I squeezed the flag when it was half dry. I’m too lazy—I’m more interested in painting the figures that have no paint on them than going back over the ones that are done, however roughly!


2 Responses to “Finished two armies”

  1. hrldplmr Says:

    Well done. Once the figures are based and in use it is quite forgiveable to ignore their little foibles and move on to the unpainted ones. Especially when the results look as good as those do.

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