Starting off with goblins

29 June, 2009

The Goblin HordesWell, I finally finished the batch of goblins that I started last month. I now have a complete Goblin army, one that has a good core of 8 hordes. I spent a bit of time taking photos the other night, experimenting with lighting and the tripod. I now have enough to at last get this blog started.

This is a blog devoted to HOTT and DBA gaming. I may spend some time later the attraction of these rules over others, but one of the main ones is the ability to create armies out of relatively few 15mm figures. For price and ease of painting and storage, I’ve gone with 15mm. Since starting some two years ago I’ve gained a lot of satisfaction finding and painting a number of armies for DBA, and now also HOTT, and had a lot of fun using them in games with friends, as well as in the odd solo battle or with my son.

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