Next projects

29 June, 2009

Having finished sufficient goblins I want to get some mounted elements done. I’ve started two Cv commands (one Pre-Feudal Scots and the other Welsh), along with these is a PFS LH. That would complete the Pre-feudal Scots army and a Southern Welsh one too (the Northerners need more spearmen painted).

After that I really want to get a few more Kn elements done, Feudal Casting, Outpost and Essex. I may also do the 3 armoured centaurs as a command element to go with the 2 elements of archer centaurs that are already done.

I may also try to paint some of Ieuan’s lizardmen. He didn’t like the colour he started on, but I think if he had the assurance that they looked OK once the magic wash was put on he might paint the rest.

I’ve got stacks of fantasy figures to paint, Dwarves, Halflings, Elves, but before I do them, I may try to finish all the remaining Feudal Casting figures I got over two years ago, Vikings, Welsh spear and a few more Scots spear and Galwegians. I’ve also got a lot of dismounted knights to paint.

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