Hippogriff Riders

29 June, 2009

Hippogriff Riders

I managed to get a pair of Hippogriff riders as part of an Elven army sold on the Fanaticus website:


These are OOP figures by Ral Partha, although I’ve now found a supply of them at Fox Miniatures.

Hippogriff Rider 02I’ve painted two of them up as part of the mostly unfinished Elven army, or perhaps some sort of Woodland alliance.

The hippogriffs are splendid. The hind quarters are in scale to 15mm horses, but the front half is somewhat bigger, making the model quite large; it dwarfs the Chariot Valkyrie figures. Its wings are moulded separately, but fit very securely into the slots provided.

Hippogriff Rider 03The rider is quite voluptuous, and apparently more concerned with her hair than the small matter of a quiver, although the saddle has both a sword and a bedroll on it! The torso is moulded separately from the legs, which are moulded with the mount. This allows you to decide where you want the figure to be shooting.


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