29 June, 2009

One of the big attractions of DBA/HOTT is the opportunity to play campaigns. I’ve seen a few blogs recording these, and they’ve encouraged me to persevere with designing a campaign world and organize the armies to fight in it. I have two possible campaigns, a DBA one that would be set in the British Isles not long after a 1066 that Harald Hardrada won. I’ve almost got the armies finished for this, but the campaign world that is more interesting at the moment is the one I’ve called Hesperia, an HOTT world that allows my DBA armies with suitable HOTT additions to encounter more fantastic armies. The kernel of it is the idea of peoples being sucked through into an alternate world, the one who give the world its name are Trojans from Virgil’s Aeneid. These would in time evolve into a loosely Byzantine culture, but more later.

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