Goblins vs. Vikings

29 June, 2009

  • The first battle

I got to try out the goblins in a pair of battles yesterday. The battles were played by friends of my son at his birthday party, though they acted largely on my advice.

In the first battle the Goblins were:

2 x Wb (1 = cmd)
8 x Hd
1 x Bh (Trolls)
2 x Rd
2 x Sh

They faced a semi-Viking army:

6 x Bd (1 = cmd)
2 x Bs (Bears)
2 x Fl (Hippogriff Riders)
1 x Mg (Wizard and his dog)

The bears deployed on the Vikings right flank

The bears deployed on the Vikings right flank

The goblins deployed with the archers on the left wing and the riders flanking the trolls on the right wing. The hordes were in the centre with the commander to their rear.

The Vikings deployed with the bears facing the archers. The blades formed the centre with the wizard and riders to their rear. Terrain was on the wings, and besides making the hordes form up mostly two deep had little effect. The archers were in a wood. It also hinder the fliers who were reluctant to face the riders on the goblin right flank, as they may have had to recoil into a wood.

The wizard caused the trolls to flee on one occasion. On the second he nearly ensorcelled himself.

The wizard caused the trolls to flee on one occasion. On his second attempt he nearly ensorcelled himself.

The fliers advanced into the front of the hordes and then ran out of PIPs. Nothing of consequence happened until the blades advanced into range of the hordes. This was partly due to low PIPs on both sides. The wizard did cause the trolls to flee once, and the fliers went after one of the flanking riders, destroying it, However, the blades slaughtered the hordes in record time. Their only casualty was a blade killed by the trolls supported by the riders. On their left flank the archers had rashly advanced out of the woods and one of them was killed by bears, The other retreated into the woods and avoided a number of attempts to be killed by the bears, who had them flanked. The coup de grace was delivered on the trolls, who were without flank support. A unit of blades faced them, fliers flanked them and the wizard, reluctant to use magic after rolling a 1 provided overlap support. The goblin leader had finally got the PIPs to deploy from behind an obstinate horde, the only one that refused to die! However, he failed to defeat the opposing general in a desperate bid to turn the tide.

Overall, the hordes were pretty dismal. That said, there was a lack of any real plan to win on either flank. The fliers neutralized the mounted flank, and the shooters were on the wrong flank to be effective against the fliers-the cost of being the defender.

From the opposite perspective it was a glorious sight to see those blades cut the hordes to ribbons. a possible strategy with the hordes is to offer themselves for such a spectacle-a distraction while you win elsewhere. It’s a bit like offering the hunters in Fury of Dracula Szgany to kill-lots of fun for the hunters, which might keep them distracted from the more important task of hunting for vampires.

  • The second battle

The second battle saw the Vikings substitute the bears and the wizard for 2 centaurs (Rd) and a giant (Bh). The goblins dropped two Hd and a Sh for a Dr.

The terrain was unchanged and the setup was similar, except the Vikings put the giant flanked by the centaurs on their right flank. The goblins put their commander in the line of battle with the other Wb behind him.

The hippogriff riders flew up to just short of the hordes and stopped. Although, as I understand it, they don’t have a ZOC, it’s awkward for the slow moving hordes to pass underneath them.

The battle came to a quick result when the giant charged into the battleline. I don’t think he killed anything, but he may have impetuously pursued a recoiling horde and had the ignominy of facing the horde at equal odds the next turn (2-2). He managed to survive this. He lost one flank support when the goblin general flanked the centaurs, who were destroyed. This proved a rash move, as the general was then contacted by some blades that destroyed it.

Strictly at this point the game was over, but the kids wanted to keep going. The dragon came on and went for the enemy general. He wasn’t successful, and was soon flanked by a hippogriff rider. He fended such an attack off twice, but eventually went down. Lack of a general really made movement difficult, so it was generally just the dragon moving, and his threat was sufficient to keep the enemy fully occupied.

The Hippogriff rider's flanking of the dragon was instrumental in its destruction

The Hippogriff rider's flanking of the dragon was instrumental in its destruction

This was the first time the dragon has been killed, or even run away. He has a fairly chequered career. His first two games or more he didn’t show at all, and I think there’s only been one game that he’s done anything decisive.


2 Responses to “Goblins vs. Vikings”

  1. hrldplmr Says:

    Great photos. The Hippogriff rider has scrubbed up really nicely.

    • Mark Says:

      Thanks, it’s amazing what magic wash can do! With these ones I had a nasty moment when the wash formed a glob on their claws. I applied the wash just before going to see a film. I came back to discover this. Luckily it hadn’t dried too hard and I was able to wash it down to a respectable shade using gunk (a mixture of water, alcohol and a drop of detergent).

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